Data Units Monthly or annual Timeseries or climatological average Notes
Data is required for the Pliocene plus the control experiments as a minimum (Eoi400 and E280)
expt_name.totalprecip mm/day monthly Timeseries Time series = last 100 years (monthly averages)
largescale and convective precip mm/day monthly  Timeseries Groups should save last 30 years of daily data/or be willing to regenerate it
expt_name.NearSurfaceAirTemp deg C monthly Timeseries 12 values (monthly means)
Please check all units are consistent with CMIP6
expt_name.SurfaceTemperature (radiative temp) deg C monthly Timeseries Follow CMIP6 variable naming convention
expt_name.totalevap mm/day monthly Timeseries
total cloud cover % monthly Timeseries
absolute minimum and maximum surface temp deg C monthly Timeseries Minimum/maximum temperatures within the month from the daily output (consistent with what CMIP/PMIP require)
snowfall mm/day monthly Timeseries  
u(m/s), v (m/s), w (Pa/s), q (kg/kg) and t (K) and z (m) following CMIP6 guidelines on the number of levels for each variable *see left monthly Timeseries Following CMIP6 guidelines on the number of levels for each variable and for units
wind stress (taux and tauy) N/m2 monthly Timeseries From ocean component in some models (needed for iceberg modelling)
expt_name.mslp. hPa monthly Timeseries (surface pressure)  hPa monthly Timeseries
expt_name.downsolar_toa. W/m2 monthly Timeseries
expt_name.upsolar_toa. W/m2 monthly Timeseries
outgoing LR_toa W/m2 monthly Timeseries
outgoing LR_toa - clear sky W/m2 monthly Timeseries
surface SW&LW up and down W/m2 monthly Timeseries
clear sky (surface SW up and down, and LW down) W/m2 monthly Timeseries
latent heat flux W/m2 monthly Timeseries
sensible heat flux W/m2 monthly Timeseries
OCEANS (ocean SSTs  - Layer1) deg C monthly Timeseries
Ocean temperature all layers (top 1000m) deg C monthly Timeseries In situ
Mixed layer depth m monthly Timeseries
4 stream functions (zonal average per basin) Sv annual only Timeseries Global, atlantic, pacific, indian
Ocean velocity u and v (top 1000) m/s annual only Timeseries
Ocean velocity u and v (all levels mean monthly of last 100 years) m/s monthly Average If people need all levels, then they should contact individual groups
Salinity (top 1000) psu annual only Timeseries
expt_name.icedepth. (sea ice thickness) m monthly Timeseries
expt_name.iceconc. (sea ice fraction) % monthly Timeseries
landsea mask zero-one
orography m
Trends (one number for last 100 yrs ofÉ)
global mean temp one number
ocean integratedtemp one number