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The PRISM4 reconstruction is provided as a collection of NetCDF* data sets. It represents our best conceptual model of the Late Pliocene (Mid Piacenzian) Earth. As new developments better constrain aspects of the Pliocene climate, the reconstruction will be updated.

The PRISM4 reconstruction is summarized in:
Dowsett, H. J., Dolan, A. M., Rowley, D. B. Moucha, R., Forte, A. M., Mitrovica, J. X., Pound, M. J., Salzmann, U., Robinson, M. M., Chandler, M. A., Foley, K. M., Haywood, A.: The PRISM4 (mid-Piacenzian) paleoenvironmental reconstruction, Climate of the Past, 12. 1519-1538, 10.5194/cp-12-1519-2016

This summary is based upon the following work:

Dolan, A. M., Koenig, S. J., Hill, D. J., Haywood, A. M., DeConto, R. M.: Pliocene Ice Sheet Modelling Intercomparison Project (PLISMIP) - experimental design, Geosci. Model Dev., 5, 963-974, 10.5194/gmd-5-963-2012, 2012.

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Dowsett, H. J., Foley, K. M., Stoll, D. K., Chandler, M. A., Sohl, L. E., Bentsen, M., Otto-Bliesner, B. L., Bragg, F. J., Chan, W.-L., Contoux, C., Dolan, A. M., Haywood, A. M., Jonas, J. A., Jost, A., Kamae, Y., Lohmann, G., Lunt, D. J., Nisancioglu, K. H., Abe-Ouchi, A., Ramstein, G., Riesselman, C. R., Robinson, M. M., Rosenbloom, N. A., Salzmann, U., Stepanek, C., Strother, S. L., Ueda, H., Yan, Q., and Zhang, Z.: Sea Surface Temperature of the mid-Piacenzian Ocean: A Data-Model Comparison, Scientific Reports, 3, 1-8, 10.1038/srep02013, 2013

Koenig, S. J., Dolan, A. M., de Boer, B., Stone, E. J., Hill, D. J., DeConto, R. M., Abe-Ouchi, A., Lunt, D. J., Pollard, D., Quiquet, A., Saito, F., Savage, J., and van de Wal, R.: Greenland Ice Sheet sensitivity and sea level contribution in the mid-Pliocene warm period – Pliocene Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project PLISMIP, Clim. Past Discuss., 10, 2821-2856, 10.5194/cpd-10-2821-2014, 2014.

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Pound, M. J., Tindall, J., Pickering, S. J., Haywood, A. M., Dowsett, H. J., and Salzmann, U.: Late Pliocene lakes and soils: a global data set for the analysis of climate feedbacks in a warmer world, Climate of the Past, 10, 167-180, 10.5194/cp-10-167-2014, 2014.

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Salzmann, U., Dolan, A. M., Haywood, A. M., Chan, W.-L., Voss, J., Hill, D. J., Abe-Ouchi, A., Otto-Bliesner, B., Bragg, F. J., Chandler, M. A., Contoux, C., Dowsett, H. J., Jost, A., Kamae, Y., Lohmann, G., Lunt, D. J., Pickering, S. J., Pound, M. J., Ramstein, G., Rosenbloom, N. A., Sohl, L., Stepanek, C., Ueda, H., and Zhang, Z.: Challenges in quantifying Pliocene terrestrial warming revealed by data-model discord, Nature Climate Change, 3, 969-974, 10.1038/nclimate2008, 2013.

*Free software for visualizing, manipulating and exporting NetCDF datasets is available from NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

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