Lisa M. Weimer

Lisa received her M.S. in Biology from George Mason University (thesis, 1998). She has been working at the USGS since 1996, on the Terrestrial Ecosystems Project for south Florida, documenting the changes in the vegetational record pre- and post-human intervention in the region. Lisa also has examined the pollen record in cores from the Chesapeake Bay and is beginning to interpret the diatoms preserved in these sediments.

Current Projects

Significant Products


Work in Progress

Weimer, L.M., in preparation,
Taylor Slough, Dade Co., Florida: a vegetational history. Masters thesis.
Willard, D.A., and Weimer, L.M., in preparation
Pollen Atlas of Water Conservation Area 2A, Florida.
Willard, D.A., Holmes, C.W., Murray, J.B., Orem, W.H., and Weimer, L.M., in preparation
Biotic and geochemical changes in the South Florida ecosystems over the last two millennia.

To Contact

U.S. Geological Survey
926A National Center
Reston, VA 20192
FAX: (703) 648-6953

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