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High-Resolution DEM Development of the Kajakai Dam and Reservoir, Helmand and Uruzugan Provinces, Afghanistan

By Peter G. Chirico, Michael B. Warner, Mike Nelson and Ina Kain

More than 25 years of conflict has largely destroyed the Afghanistan natural resources organizations and their capacity to function for "public good" and to contribute to the economy of the country. Facilities, laboratories, and field equipment, have largely disappeared. The earth sciences infrastructure must be completely recreated beginning with the organizations, mission, structure, culture, and revitalizing and retraining of the remaining technical staff. The rebuilding of this infrastructure is critical to the short and long term planning for and management of natural resources such as minerals, energy, water, agriculture, and geospatial infrastructure.

The USGS, in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is conducting natural resource assessments in support of reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. The natural resource assessments include scientific investigations mapping coal, oil, natural gas, mineral, and hydrologic resources, as well as evaluating earthquake hazard risk. Each of these applications requires remote sensing data and analysis at a variety of spatial and spectral resolutions. In conducting these assessments, the USGS project team has integrated the full suite of available sensors ranging from government operated LANDSAT-7 and ASTER to QuickBird, and SPOT-5 commercial imagery data sets.

Reference Information:

Chirico, P.G., M.B. Warner, M.Nelson, and I. Kain. 2006. High-Resolution DEM Development of the Kajakai Dam and Reservoir, Helmand and Uruzugan Provinces, Afghanistan. Poster presented at USGS GIS Conference 2006, April 24 - 28, Denver, CO.

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