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Publications - USGS Open File Report 2004-1321



U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2004-1321

By Peter G. Chirico and Seth D. Tanner



The purpose of developing a new 10m resolution DEM of the Shenandoah National Park Region was to more accurately depict geologic structure, surfical geology, and landforms of the Shenandoah National Park Region in preparation for automated landform classification. Previously, only a 30m resolution DEM was available through the National Elevation Dataset (NED). During production of the Shenandoah10m DEM of the Park the Geography Discipline of the USGS completed a revised 10m DEM to be included into the NED. However, different methodologies were used to produce the two similar DEMs. The ANUDEM algorithm was used to develop the Shenadoah DEM data. This algorithm allows for the inclusion of contours, streams, rivers, lake and water body polygons as well as spot height data to control the elevation model. A statistical analysis using over 800 National Geodetic Survey (NGS) first and second order vertical control points reveals that the Shenandoah10m DEM, produced as a part of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Landscape project, has a vertical accuracy of ±4.87 meters. The metadata for the 10m NED data reports a vertical accuracy of ±7m. A table listing the NGS control points, the elevation comparison, and the RMSE for the Shenandoah10m DEM is provided.

The process of automated terrain classification involves developing statistical signatures from the DEM for each type of surficial deposit and landform type. The signature will be a measure of several characteristics derived from the elevation data including slope, aspect, planform curvature, and profile curvature. The quality of the DEM is of critical importance when extracting terrain signatures. The highest possible horizontal and vertical accuracy is required. The more accurate Shenandoah 10m DEM can now be analyzed and integrated with the geologic observations to yield statistical correlations between the two in the development of landform and surface geology mapping projects.



Quad_bndry24k.e00- ArcInfo export format (.e00) file of the 1:24,000 scale USGS quadrangle boundaries of the study area.


snp_navd88_m.html – FGDC compliant metadata file describing the 10m DEM.

snp_navd88_m.dem – 10m elevation data stored in USGS DEM format (Approximate File Size: 842mb).

snp_navd88_m.e00 – 10m elevation data stored in ArcInfo export format (.e00) (Approximate File Size: 2gb).


shenandoah.pdf– Map plot of color shaded relief 10m DEM stored in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format. File Size (17.2 MB).

shenandoah_sr.pdf - Map plot of shaded relief 10m DEM stored in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format. File Size (10.2 MB)

Elevation Accuracy Report Table

Snp_dem_rmse.xls – Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing elevation comparison between NGS vertical control points and Shenandoah 10m DEM data

Readme – Text - only readme file that explains the contents of the data files


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Map plot of shaded relief 10m DEM stored in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format. File Size (10.2 MB)


Map plot of color shaded relief 10m DEM stored in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format. File Size (17.2 MB).

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