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Reston, Virginia:

Xenedee Bradley (USGS Volunteer-for-Science)

Laurel M. Bybell (Cenozoic calcareous nannofossils) lbybell@usgs.gov

Peter G. Chirico (GIS Specialist) pchirico@usgs.gov

Eugene F. Cobbs, II (Drill Rig Operator)

Eugene F. Cobbs, III (Drill Rig Operator)

Lucy E. Edwards (Cenozoic dinoflagellates) leedward@usgs.gov

Norman O. Frederiksen (Cenozoic pollen) nfrederi@usgs.gov

Gregory S. Gohn (Subsurface geology, Cretaceous ostracodes) ggohn@usgs.gov

William C. Lewis (USGS Volunteer-for-Science)

Donald G. Queen (Chief Driller)

Ellen Seefelt (Student Physical Science Aid)

Jean M. Self-Trail (Cretaceous calcareous nannofossils) jstrail@usgs.gov

Thomas P. Sheehan (Palynology laboratory)

Robert E. Weems (Coastal Plain stratigraphy, geologic mapping, vertebrate paleontology) rweems@usgs.gov

Karlyn Westover (Palynology technician)

Atlanta, GA:

David C. Prowell (Coastal Plain stratigraphy, structural geology, geologic mapping) dprowell@usgs.gov

Clemson, SC:

Raymond A. Christopher (Adjunct Professor, Clemson University) (Cretaceous pollen)

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