Late Quaternary Faulting

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     Trench showing faulted sediments of the upper Mississippi Embayment area at English Hill, Missouri. High angle faulting has offset the orange-stained beds at intervals across the side of the trench. A diversity of fault types have been documented, including normal, reverse, strike slip, and oblique slip. Ages of beds cut by these faults range from Late Cretaceous to Late Quaternary. Trench excavation has revealed faulting as recent as about 1,200 years ago. This work has been in part funded by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources/Division of Geology and Land Survey.

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Detailed view of another fault. White strip running from upper left to lower right corner of picture is material dragged along fault plane. The well-bedded clay and silt in the lower left part of the picture have been abruptly truncated by the fault. Right side of picture has moved to the right and downward. Shovel provides scale.

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